Internship Opportunities

Interested to intern for us? Find out how you can do just that!

PACOS Trust is a place for learning, sharing and raising awareness, hence we are more than happy to be a place for you to grow and learn as part of your studies or career.

We provide internship opportunities for:

• Pre-university and university students as well as fresh graduates.
• Post-graduate students with areas of research related to PACOS Trust’s work may submit proposals for research work while at PACOS Trust.
• Lawyers and paralegals

* Below are some internship opportunities in PACOS Trust that you might consider:

1) Law/ Human Rights Law/ International Law/ International Studies

Trained lawyers or those with a legal background (particularly human rights or indigenous peoples’ rights lawyers) can share expertise by providing legal advice, support, training and pro-bono work. Your expertise is most appreciated in the organization and communities as many indigenous people live in poverty and can not afford to pay for lawyers. However, YOU can play a role to end their suffering and have their voices heard!

2) Environment/ Sustainable Resource Management/ Engineering/ Food Science

Candidates with environment-related degrees (as well as engineering degrees), especially with regard to sustainable natural resource management, food production, water, sanitation and waste management, can engage with communities by developing and implementing environmental strategies that promote sustainable development.

You are also welcome to conduct research on effective and sustainable measures that indigenous communities can engage with in order to encourage sustainable natural resources.

3) Education/ Management

Candidates with an education background can assist teachers in CLCs to develop and implement a specialized curriculum that incorporates traditional knowledge studies for students. You can also train teachers by imparting new skills – either teaching or managerial skills – to help them in their work and management of CLC.

4) Business / Agriculture / Food Science/ Environment

Candidates with a background in business or agriculture can help develop a plan to encourage sustainability within communities. Many indigenous people are well equipped with knowledge of agriculture, but with a little bit of help and training, they can use their knowledge and turn it into profit for their community.

5) Film/ Photography/ Design

Photos and videos hold great power in advocacy work as they amplify the voices of the oppressed even more; forcing others to hear their plea. If you are a filmmaker, photographer or graphic designer or currently studying to become one, intern with us! We are in constant need of talented filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers to help teach our staff and the community new skills as well as work on projects with us.

We also encourage filmmakers and photographers to take on their own projects to advocate and tell stories of the indigenous people in Sabah. If you need any assistance, send us an email together with your proposal and we will get in touch with you.

Interested to intern for PACOS Trust or have any questions? Please send us your resume with a cover letter to

* Please note that the internship list above is to give you a broad idea on how you can contribute to PACOS Trust during your internship with us. You are more than welcome to suggest new projects or ideas to us with regards to your course. Alternatively, you may also send us your resume with your field of interest, and we will put you in relevant programmes within the organization.

* Please do email/write in/contact us at least one month before with your particulars as well as what you would be interested in helping with/what you hope to contribute. As we are a small non-profit organization with limited funds, please be advised that your stay here would have to be self funded/on your own budget. However we would be happy to assist you if you need any help/suggestions in finding accommodations, etc.

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