Vision, Mission & Strategies

Our vision and mission are our main drive to advocate and support indigenous communities in Sabah. Find out what they are here!


PACOS Trust would like to see peaceful indigenous communities, united and well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to manage their resources and opportunities to support a comfortable life.


PACOS Trust’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life of indigenous communities.

PACOS Trust has three main goals:

  1. Ensure that indigenous communities have legal title to their customary land (NCR) and the right to use resources in other traditional areas
  2. Strengthen indigenous knowledge systems in the management of natural resources
  3. Strengthen positive values, culture, language, and belief systems of indigenous peoples


PACOS Trust uses two main approaches: (i) develop integrated human resources and (ii) establish and strengthen Community Organizations, to enhance the ability of indigenous communities to act collectively on their own.

PACOS Trust also continues to support a network of indigenous organisations that are fighting for ancestral land claims and their natural resources. PACOS Trust acts as an intermediary between community organisations and foreign entities whether government agencies, private companies or non-governmental organisations (NGO).