Who are we and what do we do? You can find information on those questions and more here.

Our Impact On The Community

The organization aims to engage and empower indigenous people through many ways and in accordance to our vision. Here are some of our impact on the community.

Who Are We

Did you know that PACOS Trust has been around for more than 25 years? Find out more about our organization and history here!

What We Do

We have six core programmes and activities that we engage with the community. Find out about the programmes here!

Where We Work

PACOS Trust is fortunate to call Sabah home. Here we talk about Sabah and the PACOS network.

Vision, Mission & Strategies

Our vision and mission are our main drive to advocate and support indigenous communities in Sabah. Find out what they are here!

Contact Us

Want to know more about the organization or want to drop a quick hello? Why not get in touch with us!