Visit Suara Asal, our official YouTube channel, for more videos! We also uploaded some of our videos in PACOS Trust facebook page and in vimeo. Below are some of our videos!

TAVOL – Video pendek ini mengisarkan tentang keunikan kaedah penjagaan sumber yang dipanggil TAVOL (Tagal Hutan) oleh masyarakat Orang Asal suku kaum Murut di Kawasan Kg. Alutok, Ulu Tomani Tenom.

PACOS Trust introduction –¬†Our short video about PACOS work among Indigenous Peoples in Sabah.

Sungai Eloi Last Frontier (CF Project) – Community of Tombonuo from Kg. Sungai Eloi, Pitas, struggling to protect their mangrove forest, which is part of their customary territory land (Native Customary Rights).

In collaboration with the Commonwealth Foundation Project and with the community of Terian village in Ulu Papar, Penampang, we produce a short 7 minute video title “Terian Kampungku, Kinoyononku” (My Village, Terian, My home) about a children’s life, story and resources in their respected ancestral land, and how important it is to manage water catchment and their surrounding biosphere area.

(IMUSAN-Community Learning Centre) A short story about a village called Imusan, where they have a teacher who teach the children and the communities about important of traditional knowledge, how they connect themselves thru land, forest and rivers, and basic education system in community learning centre build by the communities themselves in a remote village, far from the city.