Where We Work

PACOS Trust is fortunate to call Sabah home. Here we talk about Sabah and the PACOS network.

Sabah is located in the northern portion of the island of Borneo beside the South China Sea. As the second largest state in Malaysia, Sabah is not only home to many exotic plants and wildlife, but also home to approximately 40 indigenous tribes who are rich in culture and tradition.

Many of these indigenous peoples in Sabah have called Sabah their home for centuries, long before the creation of Malaysia. As development and modernity slowly creep in, concerns are raised about the loss of culture, traditions, land and overall identity of indigenous peoples in Sabah; concerns which PACOS tries to address together with the local communities.


PACOS Trust supports community organisations (CO) in 17 districts involving 23 geographical areas in Sabah, with each community organisation determining and implementing its own area plan and work programme. PACOS Trust strives to improve knowledge and skills of the CO leaders through advice, training and appropriate exposure.

There are a total of 23 Community Learning Centres (CLC) throughout Sabah, which not only focus on formal education for children 4 to 6 years old but are also a community centres for meetings, resources, information, and other community-related activities. The CLCs are supported by various PACOS Trust funding sources and are built by villagers themselves as well as volunteers.