SabahRE2 has been awarded at the 2022 Renewable Energy Markets™️ Asia Awards

The Sabah Renewable Energy Rural Electrification Roadmap (SabahRE2) navigates towards a future of energy equity, right livelihoods, and wellbeing for rural Sabahans. As home to 72% of un-electrified rural Malaysians, Sabah has an opening to pivot towards renewables as a viable solution for energy access for communities distant from the state grid who can pioneer a low carbon future with quality of life.  

SabahRE2 comprises a consortium of four closely collaborating organisations: TONIBUNG, PACOS Trust, Forever Sabah and Green Empowerment.  We launched in August 2021 with the award of a grant from Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (UK PACT) from the British Government. 

We are proud to announce that SabahRE2 has been awarded at the 2022 Renewable Energy Markets™️ Asia Awards. The annual awards presented by U.S.-based NGO Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) honours outstanding achievements by individuals and companies in promoting renewable energy in Asia.

We’re being recognised for our revolutionary approach to rural electrification planning in Sabah with leveraging indigenous knowledge and deep understanding of local context with sophisticated modeling and policy recommendations to accelerate energy access for some of Malaysia’s most underserved communities.

We want to thank all our Consortium members, Forever Sabah, TONIBUNG, PACOS Trust and Green Empowerment for their continuous efforts in focussing on renewables as a viable solution for energy access for communities located far from the grid.

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