Micro Dam gives light to Kg. Buayan – Kg. Tiku

Copyright photo : TONIBUNG

Mr. Marius, MPKK of Kg. Buayan & Kg. Tiku during the Microhydro project handover ceremony. (photo courtesy : TONIBUNG)

PENAMPANG: The folks in Kg Buayan-Tiku, 18km from Penampang township and barely accessible during rainy weather now enjoy electricity for lighting the 20-30 households, refrigerators and appliances made possible by Shell, NGO TONIBUNG and PACOS Trust.

The supply is from a micro hydro system whose construction is based on the adaption of a hydro dam. But instead of blocking the whole river flow, the existing river flow is divided where half is redirected to a small dam which is then channeled to the turbine generators via pipes.

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