Sungai Rumanau protecting forest biodiversity against commercial logging in Sabah, Malaysia.


Community requires recognition of and support for its customary practices to continue to sustainably use and manage forests.

THE FOREST-DEPENDENT Sungai Rumanau Indigenous People of Mengkawago are seeking to secure their community’s forest for the continuity of their traditional practices and livelihoods, and against the threat of logging and oil palm operations. The village is entirely within the Mengkawago Forest Reserve, and can therefore be logged by the concession holder. Socio-economic activities include agriculture, hunting and gathering forest products.

“Use and Protect” (Ingaladan) is one of the main principles underpinning how the Mengkawago community manages its resources. Villagers view their relationship with the forest as close and reciprocal. If the forest is not cared for, they not only lose their source of food, water, materials and medicines, but also their knowledge and culture.

PACOS Trust | Global Forest Coalition

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