MANGROVES – Unsung heroes of our coasts


A group of proboscis monkeys roaming in mangrove forest cleared for shrimp farming in Pitas in 2015. Picture courtesy of DGFC.

17 June 2019 – KOTA KINABALU: In conjunction with the recently celebrated World Oceans Day, Coalition 3H  would like to reflect on the wondrous world where land meets sea? The world of mangroves, with which Sabah is abundantly blessed.

Dr Robecca Jumin, Head of Conservation Sabah, WWF Malaysia, (one of nine organisations making up Coalition 3H, along with Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Borneo Futures, Danau Girang Field Centre, Forever Sabah, Jaringan Orang Asal Se-Malaysia (JOAS), Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP), PACOS Trust and Seratu Aatai), stressed how mangroves are so important to Sabah and yet undervalued and in danger.

“Sabah has the largest area of mangroves of any state in Malaysia, with over 232,000 hectares, mainly along Sabah’s east and southeast coast. Most are protected as Class V Mangrove Forest Reserves, or as Class 1 Protected or Class VI Virgin Jungle Forest Reserves. However some critical areas, for example on Sabah’s west coast, remain unprotected. – TheBorneoPost | Full article, click here.