A reflection on international women’s day

By: Kristen Grauer, Green Empowerment Development Manager

Over the last twenty years, Green Empowerment has thrived thanks, in no small part, to the exemplary leadership, determination and compassion of women. From Portland, to Malaysia, to Nicaragua and beyond, female leaders are essential to our organization’s success.

Our women have a holistic vision and champion our efforts to deliver renewable energy and safe water through inclusive decision-making, education and environmental advocacy. In times of adversity, they demonstrate great resilience, integrity and an unwillingness to compromise our organization’s values. They demand to be heard and encourage other women to bring their voices, ideas and experiences to the table. They inspire our team and the communities that we support, every day.

On this day, International Women’s Day, we would like to recognize six women in the Green Empowerment family who always lead by example.

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