GRESUNALI Bazaar is back!

Fundraising for community outreach work! Organic green vegetables, organic rice, honey, pumpkin, ginger, handicraft, various traditional foods, cookies, cakes & many more!

Once again, the community bazaar is back! It’s our 17th annual community bazaar!

The community from the five zones ~ Kinabalu, North (Utara), East (Timur), Interior (Pedalaman) and the West Coast (Pantai Barat Selatan) of Sabah will all be communing GRESUNALI!

It’s not just a market but a place for ~
Cultural Sharing
Knowledge Discussions
Affirmation & Motivations
and Donations or Contribution…

But more than this is sheer determination and dedication of our beloved Indigenous Peoples to protect the rainforest, rivers, lands, environment & animals for the next generations.

Come, support and lend a hand for the sustainability of our community by buying their fresh produces & product that they bring to you.

Coupon available at PACOS Trust office! For more info, please call +6013-548 1297 (Hilda Pius) or thru our PACOS Trust office number at +6088-712 518