Training for CLC teachers


The Community Learning Centres (CLC), introduced by PACOS Trust and championed by the communities themselves, are multi-functional centres located in villages throughout Sabah. They not only act as a meeting point for villagers to interact and share traditional and cultural knowledge, but also act a kindergarten and occasional English night schools for adults.

During the recent school holidays in March, CLC teachers from all around Sabah had their one-week training in PACOS Trust HQ. The CLC teachers comprise the villagers themselves, many of which are housewives, mothers, daughters, recent high school or university graduates that sees the need to educate the young children and adults in their village.

We are pleased to inform that many of our bright students who started their early education in the CLCs are now university graduates or are currently studying in universities or secondary schools.

PACOS Trust commends all the teachers (past and present) on their amazing work as nurturers of tomorrow’s leaders!